Is It Defiance or Executive Dysfunction?

Many people with Autism and ADHD have various co-existing conditions and challenges that go along with their primary disabilities. One of the most common challenges that go along with Autism and ADHD is Executive Dysfunction. What Is Executive Dysfunction? Executive Dysfunction is a challenge that affect the individual cognitively, emotionally, and behaviorally. They make itContinue reading “Is It Defiance or Executive Dysfunction?”

How I saved Christmas 2020

At the end of every year, many holidays are being celebrated all over the world from many different religions. December is a month of celebration, gift exchange, festivals, beautiful candles and colored bulbs, feasts, and a time to gather with family, and sing songs about your preferred holiday. In my house, we celebrate Christmas andContinue reading “How I saved Christmas 2020”

Autism and COVID-19

Everyone is affected by COVID-19, but the people that are really struggling more than others are the elderly, people with disabilities, mentally ill people, and children.  Autistic people live by a set of their own rules and a routine that they need to follow, in order to function. If they deviate from their everyday routine,Continue reading “Autism and COVID-19”

Bullying Is Destructive

Many Autistic and ADHD people get bullied for being unique, and for the way their Autism and ADHD affects them. Bullying isn’t your typical name-calling and joking around. As a matter affect, bullying can take the form of physical and mental abuse and is very damaging, both emotionally and physically. I was a victim ofContinue reading “Bullying Is Destructive”


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