Excessive Screen Time and Autism/ADHD

Many Autistic and ADHD people have technology as their special interests. Some of them have high-paying jobs in the tech industry for that reason. But what happens when screen time is too excessive? Increased Anxiety Increased Mood Swings Less focus on other tasks Excessive forgetfulness Omitting activities once loved such as playing sports Poor academicContinue reading “Excessive Screen Time and Autism/ADHD”

The Importance Of Taking Your Medication To Succeed

Many people with Autism and ADHD need medication to function in everyday life. Many medications treat a wide range of behavior challenges from raging meltdowns, attention/focus, anxiety and depression, and many more challenges. Without medication, these individuals would be unable to function in society.  Why Do We Need Medication? Many Autistic people have severe meltdownsContinue reading “The Importance Of Taking Your Medication To Succeed”

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