How To Enjoy Summer With Less Screen Time

Summer means ice cream, lemonade, swimming, and fun. But being on screens all summer long isn’t healthy, so here is how I enjoy summer with less screen time, and ways to enjoy life with less screen time.

Why Doesn’t My Teacher Understand Autistic Adults?

Autism and ADHD are invisible disabilities, which means they usually can’t be seen physically. This creates many misunderstandings between teachers, parents and students. Many teachers have a “one-size fits all”, way of teaching which doesn’t work for people with Autism and ADHD. It only complicates things and causes more conflicts between teachers, parents and students.Continue reading “Why Doesn’t My Teacher Understand Autistic Adults?”

Is It Defiance or Executive Dysfunction?

Many people with Autism and ADHD have various co-existing conditions and challenges that go along with their primary disabilities. One of the most common challenges that go along with Autism and ADHD is Executive Dysfunction. What Is Executive Dysfunction? Executive Dysfunction is a challenge that affect the individual cognitively, emotionally, and behaviorally. They make itContinue reading “Is It Defiance or Executive Dysfunction?”


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